Saturday, March 17, 2018

Paul Craig Roberts — War Is On The Horizon

Good analysis.

Paul Craig Roberts
Yaniv Kubovich


Lies and shifting goal posts. The US leadership never intended to deliver.

National Security Archives
NATO Expansion: What Yeltsin Heard

We’ve reached the point where the US will have to either confront Russia militarily or accept that their vicious project in Syria has failed. My gut feeling is that the foreign policy establishment is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. They are going do something very risky and very stupid. They’re going to roll the dice and hope they don’t come up snake-eyes.
Unz Review
Will Washington launch a “false flag” on Russia’s Election Day?
Ron Unz


Noah Way said...

Are the idiots running this country really as stupid as they seem to be?

Or are they even more stupid than that?

Tom Hickey said...

Not stupid at all. They have decided it's worth it to expand the conflict in the Middle East and become involved directly in Syria and Iran. They are betting that Russia will fold and, in any case, can avoid incurring MAD. Where oil and gas are involved, cost is not the object. Plus, Trump apparently has some deal with Israel that involves taking down Syria and Iran.

Russia is involved since Putin apparently rebuffed Bibi on Iran and is dead set against any partition of Syria or the overthrow of Assad.

This is why I think it highly likely that Mossad is behind the Skripal poisoning using a "chemical weapon." I would argue that this is the best explanation by inference and the investigators should be looking that is first. It's a classical frame up using the nastiest weapon in order to stoke outrage. Could be CIA or MI5/Mi6 but I'd bet on Mossad, perhaps with CIA and MI5/MI6 knowledge.

It's working like a charm, just like the lead in to Iraq.

Tom Hickey said...

In addition, these are all alpha types and they operate on high-stakes risk-taking. So it is not stupid as much as rash.

Tom Hickey said...

BTW, in my view this is a dicey time to be heading into foreign adventures that involves the US military, when the US is the throes of a low-grade civil war that can become high-grade very quickly, and I think the potential is quite high for it ramping up.

Six said...

Tom, your comments seems to endorse the “they are stupid” position. Especially the last one.

Tom Hickey said...

Rash can be viewed as stupid, but they have gamed this out at the Pentagon and are betting they can pull it off. Nothing is ever certain in war, and they are not afraid to roll the dice. It's not stupid, since they have overwhelming conventional superiority.

If they are right, they will be considered brilliant. If not, it will go down as the grand daddy of all blunders — if anyone is left around.

Where it will turn out to be stupid is the way the US "won" in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, but is still bogged down fighting g in those places.

And the US also engaged in Yemen and Africa, and semi-engaged in Korea.

Trump is also testing China with Taiwan, which is a red line for them.

And then there is also Ukraine.

So this is one huge bet.

But global domination is at stake and the trillions upon trillions that go along with it. There are no higher stakes.

And then there is the "glory."

They look at possibly blowing up the world as the price of entry into this game. They fully realize it is chancy and they are wiling to take the chance.

They also realize it's now or never. The window of economic and military superiority is closing and there is only so much time left to remove Russia and China as competitors. I think that is an important element in the calculation.

Noah Way said...

Question answered - they are even more stupid than they seem to be.

It's not a board game like monopoly. It's time for these assholes to have some real skin in the game - not just ours.

GLH said...

"This is why I think it highly likely that Mossad is behind the Skripal poisoning" Couldn't agree more. I suspect that the Israelis
don't care if Russia and the US destroy each other as long as Israel survives the war. They are the only country in the world that I know of that wants war.

Noah Way said...

The US wants war, remotely and by proxy. It's going to sting like a bitch when it hits home.

Kaivey said...

I reminder reading 20 years ago that the crazies were getting in government. The US keeps moving further right. Now the government is filled with loons and left just as loony, well, for some reason they call themselves left, and the right calls them left. This left is so crazy we even thought a gangster from the right would sort them out. Now people like Kevin Shipp, a staunch right winger, a climate change denier, and a believer in the Fed conspiracy looks sane. But he's figured out that a bunch of very bad people are in control.

Noah Way said...

The Fed is a conspiracy.