Saturday, March 17, 2018

Paul Robinson — Three doses of drivel

More example of "Putin derangement syndrome."

Textbook cases in the use of propaganda — all form Canada. Canadian views seem to be firmly in the grip of Ukrainian nationalists.

Three doses of drivel
Paul Robinson | Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa

Putative cyberattacks were already debunked in late 2016.
Recycling propaganda, on the principle that a lie told often enough becomes "truth"?
Jason Ditz


U.S. Deploys Naval Strike Groups For Attacks On Syria, Trains Militants For False Flag Chemical Attacks


Russia Insider
Tread on Russia at Your Peril
 The Saker


The Vineyard of the Saker
Russian MoD warn: US is preparing a chemical false flag attack in Syria to justify US attack

Russia’s Long Road Toward Resurgence (MUST WATCH documentary)The Saker


Noah Way said...

"Canadian views seem to be firmly in the grip of Ukrainian nationalists."

Ukrainian nationalists seem to be in the grip of US neocons.

Kaivey said...
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Kaivey said...

I just watched the news here in the UK and what a pack of lies, it made me so angry. Theresa May was pretending to be so angry, so cross, 'very bad Putin'. And he had committed the murder on "sovereign" British soil. But a murder committed anywhere is bad, Theresa May. '

Only he could have done it', she said, looking very cross. So is that the evidence, but that's opinion?

All the news journalists were going along with the big fat lie. I shouted at the TV, ' you're all lying'. So my GF asked me, ' but who did it then?' and I said, ' us, MI5'. 'Oh, I don't believe that', she said. I said to her that this is what intelligence do, they do it all the time, it's their job, or maybe the Mossad did it, or the CIA.

A news reporter interviewed a Tory MP who was said to be an expert on Russia and was asked what was he going to do about it, and he told the reporter that the UK was going to hit Putin where it hurts, his money. He then went on to say that Russia a rogue state with crooked politicians enriching themselves. Hey, how's that any different to many of our politicians, like Tony Blair, or Bush?

I've sent to a number of MP's, and George Monbiot, via twitter, the name of the book on Amazon, which is also available on kindle, which gives the formula for the nerve agent. Anyone could make it, I told them. I don't know if I will get flagged up for too much of this. I might do some more politicians tomorrow.

I sent a PCR article to half the Tory Party once, and only three replied, one said it was a conspiracy theory, the others thanked me.

Leroy Fenelon said...

Putin has done this before and this particular agent is thought difficult to handle. Seems plausible to me he done it. No reason for May to lie about it. Besides, I sure as hell trust her a lot more than the other douche bag.

Tom Hickey said...

You have references to cite?

Jonf said...

References? none more than you can look up. You think someone else used a nerve agent on a Russian in the UK. You dream well. You got anything more? Iran or Assad maybe?

Tom Hickey said...

My money is on Mossad.

Kaivey said...

'Putin has not done this before'. Where's the evidence? The Clinton Body Count? I give them 24 hours to prove that they are innocent.

Kaivey said...

Mine too. Don't forget, they're background is in terrorism.

Kaivey said...

' You think someone else used a nerve agent on a Russian in the UK'. I do. There's plenty of psychopaths in the British establishment.