Saturday, March 10, 2018

Republic Steel prepared to reopen in Lorain, OH

More winning... sorry non-material oriented people:

According to the release, the Canton-based company is ready to respond quickly to an increased demand across the country. It said by restarting the Lorain plant, in addition to its open capacity at its Canton melt shop, it would provide more than 1 million tons of new production back into the market. 
“This could result in Republic bringing back 1,000+ jobs to its Lorain, OH facility,” the release said. 
“Republic anticipates that it would take a few months to hire and train employees and restart its idled equipment.” 
Republic Steel President and CEO Jaime Vigil said the facility had been maintained since it was idled at the beginning of 2016 in anticipation that it could be restarted, and “it appears that time is finally here.”

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lastgreek said...

"David Dennison" better hurray and make any further automation in the steel industry against the law before the said (and obviously old) plant in OH further automates its manufacturing process.