Friday, March 16, 2018

William J. Astore — America’s Phony War — Blitzkrieg Overseas, Sitzkrieg in the Homeland

Overseas, the United States is engaged in real wars in which bombs are dropped, missiles are launched, and people (generally not Americans) are killed, wounded, uprooted, and displaced. Yet here at home, there’s nothing real about those wars. Here, it’s phony war all the way. In the last 17 years of “forever war,” this nation hasn’t for one second been mobilized. Taxes are being cut instead of raised. Wartime rationing is a faint memory from the World War II era. No one is being required to sacrifice a thing.

Now, ask yourself a simple question: What sort of war requires no sacrifice? What sort of war requires that almost no one in the country waging it take the slightest notice of it?
The subjects of an empire seldom are much concerned about wars on the periphery to maintain and extend territory unless it directly affects their interests and imperial propaganda glorifies the undertaking.  Same old, same old.

This takes place when contract military is used rather than conscript. Then citizens are not directly affected and take little interest.

But when ordinary people's interests are directly affected, ….

A professional military, especially one that also employs private contractors, is the death of democracy and the beginning of empire.

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Kaivey said...

That what does my head in, the public are not interested. I put out another 'WW3 coming' article on FB yesterday, and today I get a friend telling me of a new FB club they have found.

Noah Way said...

They learned from Vietnam - a conscripted army and nightly video of body bags end wars.

Now we have an "all volunteer" military made up of the huge underclass that has no other options and media coverage is non-existent.