Saturday, March 10, 2018

Zheping Huang — Xi Jinping says China’s authoritarian system can be a model for the world

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has always said the country will never copy the political systems of other countries, in particular the Western notion of democracy. But under Xi—the most powerful Chinese leader in four decades—China’s own one-party system is one that is ready to be exported to regimes everywhere.
Throwing down the gauntlet at the feet of the international liberal order.
When asked whether China is deviating from its self-avowed policy of noninterference in other countries’ affairs, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said yesterday (March 8) that China will “participate more proactively” in reshaping global governance and solving international crises.
Both Russia and China are asserting themselves as great powers, bringing back the era of great power geopolitics, challenging the Western liberal order under America leadership that has been dominant since WWII and especially since the collapse of the USSR.

The game has changed.

Xi Jinping says China’s authoritarian system can be a model for the world
Zheping Huang, reporter


Matt Franko said...

I dont hear Trump complaining... in fact he was supportive of Xi doing this here:

"President Trump told donors on Saturday that China’s president, Xi Jinping, was now “president for life,” and added: “I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll want to give that a shot someday.”

I think Trump would rather deal with Xi under these new conditions where he (Xi) is more autocratic ... its going to be easier for Trump to get a new deal if he only has to deal with the one principle person... he knows this.. probably Xi knows it too thats why he's doing it...

libertarians wont like it... its a small disturbance in their normal utopia..

Schofield said...

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" Lord Acton. 1887.

Attachment Theory and Kaiserian Psychological Theory now tells us why.

See section "Helmuth Kaiser - Fusion-Delusion

Ryan Harris said...

Given the intellectual limitations of Americans and Europeans compared to Chinese, it's highly unlikely a single party system would be any more successful than our current dysfunctional systems in the US. An unwillingness to learn math, statistics, abstract thinking and apply solutions to make systems plagues every facet of Western government.

Tom Hickey said...

The design of the Chinese political system is actually very close to the Western corporate ladder and Western military organization. These are highly effective and efficient.

The more democratic a system the messier it gets.

There is a price to pay for increasing freedom in decreasing effectiveness and efficiency, and there is also a price to pay in decreased freedom for increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

The question is really where the sweet spot lies.

Schofield said...

"The question is really where the sweet spot lies."

Differentiation appears to be the answer you avoid Fusion-Delusion relationships where you are either over-submissive or domineering. You certainly don't need to be an Avoidant either.

Ryan Harris said...

The problem arises when the people who think they are knowledgeable run the show. In the west we had the Dems and Academics running the joint with smug certainty doing a terrible job and little self awareness of their limitations and ignorance. Chinese have to contend with Xi's cult of personality which stirs fears of previous great cult leader.

Tom Hickey said...

Let's keep this in perspective.

The bottom line is whether things are getting better for you, or worse.

Things are getting better for most of the people in China and many other places in the developed world.

Thins are getting worse for most of the people in the US and much of the developed world.

Kaivey said...

To think how I loved Star Trek as a boy. I really thought humans were becoming more enlightened all the time. It just made sense to sort out the world's problems and live peacefully together. Gee!