Saturday, October 13, 2018

China Links 13 Oct 2018

Translation: The US needs to quit playing the victim when it is actually the perp.

The five fallacies in Pence's China speech

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U.S. draws China FX into trade dispute as IMF calls for resolution


Chinese ‘aggressive industry’ threatens US military complex, ‘stable budget’ needed – Pentagon


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China Sells $3 Billion of Dollar Bonds Amid Trade War With US


The National Interest
America Needs A Better Strategy For Competing With China — Or War Is Inevitable
Sharon Burke | Senior Advisor at New America, where she directs the Phase Zero project. She served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense 1994-2000, on the staff of Policy Planning at the State Department from 2002-2005, and as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy from 2010-2014


The National Interest
Why Must America Prepare to Fight Two Wars Simultaneously?
Michael Peck

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Noah Way said...

The Heritage Foundation shilling for more "defense spending".

Surprise, surprise.