Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Greg Palast - Indiana Caught Illegally Purging 20,000 Voters – Are You one of them?

The Republicans are at it again. 

A team of database experts, statisticians, lawyers and investigators working with the Palast Investigative Fund discovered — and Indiana now admits — that these thousands of voters were cancelled in violation of a June 2018 federal court order that barred the state from using the notorious Interstate Crosscheck purge list sent to state officials by Kris Kobach, Secretary of State of Kansas.
The court order stemmed from a suit by the NAACP and League of Woman Voters against a 2017 Indiana law ordering counties to remove voters if they appear on Kobach’s list which purports to identify voters who have left the state. The NAACP and League cited the Palast team’s evidence in our 2016 Rolling Stone article showing that Crosscheck is overwhelmingly wrong in identifying voters who have moved — and extremely racist in operation.
Altogether, Indiana cancelled the registrations of a mind-boggling 469,000 voters, the majority using suspect methods.
The problems, say our experts, go way beyond the violation of the federal court order. A name-by-name analysis indicates the vast majority of the nearly half million purged remain Indiana residents who should not have lost their rights..
The Palast Investigative Fund, which obtained the list after sending a formal notice that, unless Indiana opens its files, the state will be hauled into another federal suit under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. Indiana is one of 26 states receiving notice of suit resulting in a flood of responses now being analyzed by our investigations team.

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