Sunday, February 28, 2010

China $125 Billion Health Spending Spurs GE, Philips Sales Boon

China's not waiting on healthcare. They're already kickstarting it with a $125 billion investment. Here in the U.S. we are doing nothing.

General Electric and other U.S. multinationals will benefit from China's investment. They will build the high tech, lifesaving medical equipment that could have gone for the benefit of Americans, had we made the investment here. Now, however, those life saving machines will go to benefit the Chinese.


Ryan Harris said...

The US could send our Senators over to tell the Chinese about the doom and destruction they are bringing on themselves. Educate them: offering basic healthcare and insurance to all their citizens surely will bankrupt their nation! Tell them about the dangers of debt for their grandchildren.

Mike Sandifer said...

Apparently, it's better to have many thousands of the parents of the next generation dead or severely ill or injured, than leave them with something abstract like a national debt.

Why do I have a feeling that most who are or know someone without access to health care would disagree?

mike norman said...

TB: Unfortunately for China, many Western educated young Chinese are now returning to their homeland with that very message. They're still a minority, but they are slowly having their effect on policy.

mike norman said...

Mike: Jim Rogers's new rant is about how India will "pay dearly" for all the new spending, yet there are millions sick and dying in the streets, obviously a preferable state to having too spendiong too much. That's also his prescription for the U.S.

Unknown said...

Good........after they foot the R&D we can purchase the reengineered knock-offs @ a 5th the cost. Finally getting something right....Oh wait, we don't do knock-offs---hee hee hee

googleheim said...

China and India have two layers in their society ( even though India may have a "caste" system ).

These machines are for the rich and the few in either country.

However, they will help america if they buy our machines - and the effect is very democratic and stimulates the entire onion ( representing us ).

The funny thing is that the onion used to symbolize the ideal communist state to Marx but it could never get past being a pyramid in former communist countries.

We got the infrastructure and the hardware.

They have only got the software which was borrowed from us !