Thursday, February 18, 2010

January PPI

BLS has the January PPI data out today. Link here.

The Producer Price Index for Finished Goods rose 1.4 percent in January, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This increase followed a 0.4-percent advance in December and a 1.5-percent rise in November. In January, at the earlier stages of processing, prices received by manufacturers of intermediate goods climbed 1.7 percent, and the crude goods index jumped 9.6 percent. On an unadjusted basis, prices for finished goods moved up 4.6 percent for the 12 months ended January 2010, their third consecutive 12-month increase. About three-fourths of the broad-based January advance in the finished goods index can be traced to higher prices for energy goods, which jumped 5.1 percent.

Expect the Monetarists to call for higher mortgage payments now that the global oil cartel has achieved some recent success with implementing higher prices.


MortgageAngel said...

Higher mortgage payments?

mike norman said...

And let's not forget the speculators, who have been pushing up the cost of food and fuel for years now. Nothing has been done about this. Would have been one of the easiest fixes to make, but Wall Street runs Washington. Where's Teddy Roosevelt when you need him?

Matt Franko said...


I'm being a bit leading here I suspect that the inflation-phobes will be calling for the Fed to raise rates (supposedly to fight "inflation") which may cause increases in ARMS and heloc payments, etc...IMO a very bad policy to try to maintain price stabilty in a marketplace in which a global cartel is at work 24/7/365 to put the price of their commodity right where they want it.

MortgageAngel said...

Oh. Oh.. yes... of course. :)