Thursday, April 7, 2011

Edward Harrison on Hyperinflation

Edward Harrison of Credit Writedowns has written insightfully about hyperinflation previously, integrating the MMT perspective with his Austrian school background. Here is Ed's latest, along with a video of his recent appearance with Max Keiser.


Matt Franko said...

Edward is sort of lowering himself to appear on Max Kaiser's imo. Kaiser is sometimes funny yes, here is one of my favorites LoL!:


too funny (and here true!) but I dont consider him to be sort of a serious person.

Edward is a serious person. But I guess it helps get some more truth out there... Kaiser is sort of a fearmonger or conspiracy theorist, alarmist, etc type person.. promotes gold, what Edward says goes right over his head.


Tom Hickey said...

Matt, someone who was pretty wise once told me that there is no such thing as bad publicity. People remember you, not what you said.

Max Keiser is a good place to get exposure. Sure, a lot of those people have made up minds. But say it often enough and something gets through.

BTW, Steve Keen is often featured on Max Keiser and over at Mish's. because they agree with him about debt. One just has to find some point in common.

Ed is an Austrian schooler, so his putting out MMT based stuff is going to resonate somewhat with Austrians who can tell that Ed has thought this stuff through.