Friday, April 22, 2011

Winterspeak responds to SRW

Here is my favorite:

SRW: The internet is a fractious place. Many MMT-ers are civil and patient, and devote enormous energy to carefully and respectfully explaining their views. There’s no way to police other peoples’ manners. Still, even by the standards of the blogosphere, MMT-ers have a reputation as an unusually prickly bunch. That might not be helpful in terms of gaining broader acceptance of the ideas.

Winterspeak: What crap. It's like the Pope saying to Gallileo, "if you were only nicer about this whole earth revolving around the sun the Church would listen to you more". MMT is rejected because it is heretical.

Winterspeak's commentary is always excellent. Check out the rest.

UPDATE: Winterspeak also responds to Krugman

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Detroit Dan said...

Thanks for the reference. Funny, I was thinking about heresy, Copernicus, and Galileo and trying to convince my friends that MMT seems to have a similar effect upon the powers that be. One week later, and I see Copernicus and Galileo references here also...