Saturday, July 30, 2011

Iceland citizens write a new constitution through online collaboration

REYKJAVIK — A group of 25 ordinary citizens on Friday presented to Iceland's parliamentary speaker a new constitution draft, which they compiled with the help of hundreds of others who chipped in online.

The group had been working on the draft since April and posted its work on the Internet, allowing hundreds of other citizens to give their feedback on the project via the committee's website and on social networks such as Facebook.

"The reaction from the public was very important. And many of the members were incredibly active in responding to the comment that came through," Salvor Nordal, the head of the elected committee of citizens from all walks of life, told reporters.


Anonymous said...

Whatever they do it would be an huge mistake to join the failed euro.

GLH said...

As I've heard said they can use our Constitution, we aren't.