Friday, July 29, 2011

Lament for Greece: From a Greek Friend


…And the Final bid is 30 pieces of “Euros”… “Agreed”, shouted the Judas. The gavel came crashing down-- Greece, sold for 30 pieces of “Euros” to the European Union…

When a free nation is birthed into the world, she is endowed with a special mark signifying her arrival - a birthright. This invaluable birth right is known as her national sovereignty, cloaking and shielding her from the nakedness of her former shame of servitude and subjugation. It is the very essence of her freedom; enabling her to stand with dignity and pride before the entire world. She belongs to no one but God and her People.

It is this very sovereignty, which bestows upon a nation the right of self determination. And in so doing, empowers her with the credibility to move about the world stage as a recognized, respected and, above all, equal member of the international community. Remove this lynchpin, toss it, as a bargaining chip, into the hands of another State, and in so doing, all the blood bought rights and privileges of nationhood will vanish. Thus, the sovereign nation, once again, falls back into the pit of servitude, subjugation and shame. The hope-driven struggle toward the light of self determination is doused.

Thursday, July 21, 2011 the Leadership of Greece committed this very crime against their Country. Bargaining away her birthright and, in turn, selling her People for a bag, tied closed with European purse strings, containing a mere 30 pieces of “Euros”.

Such an ancient, noble Land; such a strong, honorable People; if only they had had noble and honorable Leaders.


Ralph Musgrave said...

I’m not moved to tears. There is an old saying: “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. That critical assessment of Greeks was confirmed by the way they got into the Eurozone: on the basis of fraudulent figures for their national income, debt and so on. And further confirmation comes the fact that cheating the taxman is more prevalent in Greece than any other European country.

Greek citizens cannot blame their government. A country gets the government it deserves. A country of cheats will get a government that cheats.

Leverage said...

Ralph, most of the population is paying taxes and not benefiting from all the corruption (indeed, it's the other thing that happens, it damages them). It's the rich people, public 'servants' & corporations which enjoy the crony system.

If something can be said about the greeks is that they've failed controlling their politicians and governments. But it's no so easy: with the current political system you need a revolution to do so, revolutions cost a lot and won't happen as long as people can live more or less right. It's the problem of partitocracies in Europe (we don't have democracies for real).

So you may need the situation to get really bad (getting there) for something to change. Meanwhile the system still will be dysfunctional and crony.

Bob said...

Agreed, blaming the working families of greece for the corruption of Goldman Sachs and the elected officials should not include the individual families.
The same can be said about me,as an american working family I resent being lumped into the same category as Jamie Dimon, Dick Fuld, and all the rest of the CDS crowd,along with the pimp bank lobbyists, the panhandlers in Washington who take bribes to screw everyone except themselves. We all have our self interests, and we all know when we cross the line of fraud, and ponzi schemes. Those that do this knowingly are scum,I am not.The Greek people are not scum either paintine everyone with the same brush is what Hitler did to push his agenda. We dont need a repeat.