Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rand Paul: Banana Republican

U.S. Senator and Rothbardian Rand Paul wants a balanced budget amendment badly. So much so that he is threatening a filibuster in the Senate in order to gain more attention for this ridiculous idea.

An excerpt: "[W]e will actually vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling next week if we can, but it will be contingent on passing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution," he said, adding, "I'm not completely without the sense that we may need to raise the debt ceiling. But I will only do it if we have significant budgetary reform, and to me that means you have to balance your budget every year."


Tom Hickey said...

Nut case.

Ryan Harris said...

Try getting a MMT economist appointed to a cabinet level position or to the fed with senators like this running the confirmation.

Tim Chambers said...

There all Banana Republicans, Mike, no matter what the party.