Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Navy Secretary — US Navy at the cutting edge of energy change

The Navy has always led when we’ve changed energy. In the 1850’s, we went from sail to coal. In the early part of the 20th century, we went from coal to oil. We pioneered the use of nuclear for transportation in the 1950’s. Every single time we did these things there were people who said ‘it’s a fad.’ There were people who said ‘you’re trading one very known source of propulsion or energy for something that’s unsure – too expensive or just won’t work.’ And every single time they were wrong. Every single time. And I am absolutely confident those folks are going to be wrong this time too.

[Disclosure: Having served as naval officer in the Vietnam era, I am somewhat biased toward the USN. I assume that the other services are also taking climate change into account.]


Mario said...

awesome tom!

Calgacus said...

Clean, renewable energy. Does that mean they're planning to go back to sail? :-)