Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love, Prostitution and Economics

Do you know the difference between love and prostitution? Or even better, the difference between love and prostitution as it relates to economics?

In Economics For A Civilized Society, Paul and [son] Greg Davidson examine that question, among others you might not have expected in a book on how our economic system should work. But there is actually a direct correlation between love and prostitution and the sort of cost-benefit analysis mindset that fuels the way we’ve been convinced over recent decades to look at and think about the economy. The authors write that in a free market vision, “prostitution is a valuable service that some people are willing to pay for, while love is not for sale and therefore is worthless.” They observe that “this philosophy of market valuations provides the basis for all values in conservative economics.”

Love won’t pay the bills. Yet would you want a society without it?
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