Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stop listening to all the propaganda about the debt. It's WRONG!

In 2008 the deficit was $450 bln and the national debt was $9 trillion. The dollar index hit a low of 70.68.

This year the deficit is forecast to hit $1.6 trillion and the national debt is $14.5 trillion. The dollar index is at 74.57. THE DOLLAR WENT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

The growth of the debt/deficit had ZERO impact on the dollar. It went UP!
Interest rates on 10 year Treasuries went from 4.0% then, to 2.1% now!

Stop listening to the propaganda about the debt. The facts above PROVE that all the hysteria is WRONG. The growth in the debt is NOT inflationary, it’s NOT debasing the dollar, it’s NOT causing interest rates to skyrocket. All of that IS bulls—t!!!!!


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preach it brother

Sidnee said...

Yay! More evidence to show my "we are destroying the dollar with our debt" friends. Thank you Mike!

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Can I get an amen? AMEN!