Sunday, October 16, 2011



Ryan Harris said...

Obama can't condemn the police because their union is his largest campaign supporter. The video was pretty unfair in its 1984 styled double speak vilification with Obama/Clinton footage. They control the president, not the other way around.
Perhaps disillusionment was an inevitable consequence of unrealistic expectations within the liberal side of the Democrat/Republican party for one man to change the entire broken system. The tea partiers on the conservative side of the party started from the assumption that the whole system was broke and needed and overhaul. Now it looks like we have party unity between the left and right. The skilled orators will come in with more divisive rhetoric to restablish the fake binary issues that keep the partisans engaged & confident their half of the party is making important progress and holding off attacks from the 'other side' on the issues of environment/industry, jobs/trade, banks/people, life/choice, bankruptcy/deficits etc.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to vote the hypocrites out on November 6th, 2012. Be an informed voter. Be politically active. Don't take democracy for granted.

Too much to ask?

Tom Hickey said...

"Be sure to vote the hypocrites out on November 6th, 2012. Be an informed voter. Be politically active. Don't take democracy for granted."

And vote in another hypocrite? The way the political process is set up the plutocracy chooses the slate of candidates and finances their campaigns, while the people get a choice between hypocrites.

The political process is broken.

Anonymous said...

Alternatives to the status quo parties exist. For example, the Socialist Equality Party runs candidates in November.

Will Americans choose revolution over the ballot box? I doubt it.

Barring economic collapse, the electoral process is the only option.

Tom Hickey said...

Right. A large part of the protest is about reforming the electoral process by getting the money out of politics. It even has a mainstream champion in Dylan Ratigan, who is leading the charge for a constitutional amendment.

Get Money Out Now

Anonymous said...

What is required for a constitutional amendment? In Canada, I believe it is a 2/3 vote in favor in all provincial legislatures plus parliament.

Tom Hickey said...

There are two paths for amending the US Constitutional, bot tortuous. But it's probably a more achievable demand than demanding that the 1% commit seppuku aka harakiri.