Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is powerful! Great video with some strong words from Elizabeth Warren!


Clonal said...


This is not Elizabet Warren's video. This is a video for #OWS, and Warren is only a very small part of it.

Warren has officially called #OWS "Law Breakers" - See Liz Warren decides to lose to Scott Brown

See also two items by Bill Black

What I'd Demand of the Fed



mike norman said...


If true, then I am deeply disturbed by that because her words seem to belie that position. The link you provided appears to be someone's opinion about her, with no concrete quotes or facts.

Clonal said...


these comments were based on what was said by Warren in the Oct 4th Debate

Clonal said...


See also Yves Smith's take on Warren in this context -Elizabeth Warren’s Jobs Plan: War with Iran

The question is “What do you think of the Occupy protests and would you join them?” Two candidates have a go before Warren, giving her time to think. Each answers the question in a direct manner, the first expressing enthusiasm and saying he would join them, the second expressing sympathy and saying he has physical issues that prevent him from participating, but if he were able, he’d probably go. Each gets a positive reaction from the audience.

Warren, by contrast, pointedly avoids giving a straight response and goes a bit off the rails. Her first statement is about obeying the law, and several readers took it to mean she was accusing OWS of being a bunch of lawbreakers.

Jim said...

And unfortunately she's far out of paradigm. Just listen to her in this video taking about how GWB put stuff "on our credit card for our children and grandchildren to pay back":


mike norman said...

Even so, she represents a major shift away from the current arrangement. So she's not 100% MMT. I'd still take her.

Clonal said...


I do not believe that Warren herself is the problem, but rather the Democratic "consultants" running her campaign and advising her as to what to say -- some would say that she is suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome" -- By the way, the comments on the Ian Welsh article I linked to are also interesting.

Matt Franko said...

It seems yes she is out of MMT paradigm (I believe I heard 'taxpayer on the hook!') but who isnt in the mainstream...

I think it would move the ball forward if we could get Glass-Steagall reinstated and it seems she is definitely for that....

Clonal said...

OK Mike,

Here is a follow up from Mother Jones. To me it appears that there are issues between her and her consultant handlers. I think that since she is the putative Democratic Party candidate for Ted Kennedy's old seat, she is being heavily coached by the party consultants and handlers. In this tug-o-war, her original self is being lost.

AUDIO: Elizabeth Warren Clarifies Her Occupy Wall Street Comments

Cenk Ugyur's video Banks ‘Livid’ at #OccupyWallStreet Support by Democrats should put this in its proper perspective