Friday, November 22, 2013

Eric Zuesse — Why Chris Christie Is Edging Past Hillary Clinton For President

Looking like Christie is the big donor's pick for us in '16. The selling has already begun.

The Huffington Post
Why Chris Christie Is Edging Past Hillary Clinton For President
Eric Zuesse


Greg said...

Off topic

Any comments on this?

I think it sounds interesting.

Unknown said...

Close, but no cigar, unless the Fed is fully nationalized.

Instead, all dollar users should have accounts at the US Treasury.

Still, it's nice to see that government-provided deposit insurance is, as it should be, under attack.

Unknown said...

As for Christie, what a sight that would; a grossly obese man preaching austerity!

Ryan Harris said...

The Clintons dismantled the welfare system, de-regulated finance and took corruption to lofty new heights. They were progressive on many social and labor issues. They were willing to work with Repubs.

Christie is socially conservative but has cut taxes, prosecuted corruption, maintained the state's pension system through increased contributions rather than dismantling it, works with dems and repubs. He even stood up to the NRA.

Neither candidate is exactly a bouquet of fresh cut flowers when you compare economic records and purge the rhetorical flourishes. Both think we have a long term debt problem for grand kids. On the issues important to MMT, Hillary gets a D because of the corruption, deregulation and raising taxes when she ran the white house while her husband did interns. Christie gets a C+ for cutting taxes and prosecuting corruption as an attorney and governor.

Tom Hickey said...

Whatever the choice in '16, it's going to be the two people that the donors back.

Nothing new, just getting worse. See The Unconscious Civilization by John Ralston Saul (Anansi, 1995)

… Saul offers a damning indictment of what he terms corporatism, today's dominant ideology. While the corporatist state maintains a veneer of democracy, it squelches opposition to dominant corporate interests by controlling elected officials through lobbying and by using propaganda and rhetoric to obscure facts and deter communication among citizens. Corporatism, asserts Saul, creates conformists who behave like cogs in organizational hierarchies, not responsible citizens. Moreover, today's managerial-technocratic elite, while glorifying free markets, technology, computers and globalization, is, in Saul's opinion, narrowly self-serving and unable to cope with economic stagnation. His prescriptions include eliminating private-sector financing from electoral politics, renewing citizen participation in public affairs, massive creation of public-service jobs and a humanist education to replace narrow specialization. His erudite, often profound analysis challenges conservatives and liberals alike with its sweeping critique of Western culture, society and economic organization.
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Then I guess the Republicans don't want to win in 2016.

But why should they? With enemies like the clueless Democrats, who needs friends?