Monday, November 25, 2013

PCC fifth assessment report: conclusions of the IPCC Working Group - presentation

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IPCC fifth assessment report: conclusions of the IPCC Working Group I AR5, AR4, SREX and SRREN - presentation
(h/t Eric Ashelman via email)


Bullish_Bear said...

What?! The sun may have something to do with climate/temperatures on earth. Nah. That can't be the case.

JK said...


Just shocking!

Human's contribute about 3% of total global CO2, and CO2 is a trace gas making up about 0.04% of the total atmosphere… but our emissions drive climate change? PLEASE. I reckon earth's natural cycles + the sun are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more powerful.

I find it crazy that people familiar with post-keynesian economics - and therefore familiar with how terrible economic models are - can at the same time not apply that critical thinking skill to climate models. I reckon it's cause many post-keynesians are Lefties/progressives/environmentalists/etc. … so they have no interest in AGW-Climate Change being nonsense. They have no interest in challenging that viewpoint because they agree with the policy prescriptions regardless. I also happen to agree with most of the policy prescriptions, but I refuse to base them on lies and ridiculous models. Truth first and foremost, otherwise we're all just faciscts but for different particular interests.