Tuesday, November 26, 2013

John Aziz — Why the post-antibiotic world is the real-life version of the zombie apocalypse

The perverse economics of the antibiotics industry means the human race could be in trouble.
The Week
Why the post-antibiotic world is the real-life version of the zombie apocalypse
John Aziz | economics and business correspondent at TheWeek.com


Clonal said...

Most bacterial infections (>90%) are actually bacterial biofilm infections. Bacteria protect themselves from threats, including the body's immune system by forming biofilms. To form biofilms, it takes a little bit of time. That is the time which the immune sytem has to inactivate the bacteria - else it becomes much harder to get rid of them. This is also the reason for the very strong immune system response to infection (often causing a lot of collateral damage.) Bacteria in biofilms are much more protected against antibiotics than they are in a planktonic state) This is the main reason for the long antibiotic courses that are given to get rid of bacterial infections.

A very innovative way to combat biofilms has been developed by Livionex. They are in fact marketing a daily use toothpaste for combating the most common biofilm in the body - dental plaque. Their studies show remarkable reduction in dental plaque - almost Star Trek (TM) like - "Where no toothpaste has gone before!"

Tom Hickey said...

I've been using Livionex for some time and have written a testimonial posted at their site reporting some nice feedback from my dentist.

Clonal said...

Here is a link to the Mechanism of Action

Clonal said...
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Clonal said...

Sorry the MoA leads to a password protected area. However, you can see a discussion of the MoA here at Linked In- How many have tried Livionex Gel? I am interested in feedback.