Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lambert Strether — MMT on a Postcard

Let me just go point by point. (I’m going to be linking mostly to the MMT Primer[1] at New Economic Perspectives, but also to this trenchant article from Professor Paul Davidson, and transcripts from the 2010 Fiscal Sustainability Conference
Naked Capitalism
MMT on a Postcard
Lambert Strether


Tyler Healey said...

Would JG still be necessary if unemployment insurance paid an absolute minimum of $600 per week?

John Zelnicker said...

Yes, because there are numerous psychological and social benefits from working as opposed to not working and just getting a check. Most people want to feel that they are productive and contributing to society. And, possibly the most important aspect of a JG is that it defines the minimum wage (including benefits), and, ultimately, the value of the dollar (purchasing power).