Saturday, May 31, 2014

whoknu — The most important thing you will learn about Social Security today


Job well done.

Daily Kos
The most important thing you will learn about Social Security today


peterc said...

Agreed, Tom. Outstanding post by whoknu!

Roger Erickson said...

How many repetitions, in how many forms, will it take before 10% of some electorate grasps this simple point about dynamic metrics in growing, dynamic systems?

USA: 32 million X 12 repeats ==> blanket distribution of >320 million reminders per year

India: 110 million X 12 repeats ==> distribution of >1.2 Billion reminders per year

Interestingly, on the order of one reminder per citizen per year?

Human culture won't be safe until messages like these become as fundamental as "breathe in, breathe out" - aka, part of 1st grade curriculum.

Do you see any media system that would/could/should disseminate such fundamental situational awareness data? Don't hold your breath waiting for the textbook industry to change fast enough.

Maybe Wikipedia, but even that has become an ideological battleground.

For the immediate future, we are ruled by propaganda volume?

Roger Erickson said...

Only known safety lies in a thinking electorate with some social immunity to rank propaganda?

Or maybe require all opinions to come with automated error estimates, hopefully more meaningful than credit scores.