Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Does "International Tax Reform" Mean?

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Since national tax policy is by definition a reflection of national policy, then international tax reform means international alignment of policies from multiple nations?

Alignment to and over what?

International Public Purpose?

If international Public Purpose is achieved, then are there, by definition, no more policy differences among independent nations? No more cultural diversity?

Or, if we reserve the right to retain variance in state tax policies, then why not retain as much or more variance in national - and by default, "international" - tax policies.

So what, exactly, does this group mean by "International Tax Reform?"  I suspect that they actually mean international standards for income and price REPORTING, but until they clarify, they're going to confuse quite a few people.

US State Tax Considerations for International Tax Reform

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Kristjan said...

This is the new trend, now you understand how a lot of eurosceptics feel and how I feel about EMU and fiscal union. How about US have fiscal union with China, let the Chinese decide your education expenditures. What, you don't like It? Are you a nazi or something? Let's all be international.