Friday, June 24, 2016

Adam Posen of the Peterson Institute and former BOE policy wonk, doesn't understand BOE sets rates

First of all we know about Pete Peterson and his self-serving and subversive mission to end Social Security.

He's been known to hire lackey's who are nothing more than relentless, high paid human propaganda machines for his sick mission. Guys like David Walker, that lying SOB who I got to admit that Social Security checks would never bounce and there was no issue with insolvency.

Now here's Adam Posen. He's the head of the Peterson Institute a deep pocketed think tank that works to spread the lies and support the liars who would make Peterson's dream of ending Social Security come true.

Posen was on the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, yet here's what he said back in February with respect to the possibility of Brexit.

Adam Posen is a moron

"Very high interest rates."

So there you have again, another example of a guy in a high policy post who doesn't have a fucking clue that it is the Bank of England--the very fucking institution this guy works for--that sets interest rates.

Let's hope the other morons over at the BOE don't think this way, too. I won't be holding my breath.


Tom Hickey said...

For some reason unknown to me, the Peterson Institute just started following me on Twitter.

I am reasonably sure it is not to learn something about social and political philosophy, or monetary economics.

MRW said...

Well, look at his boss at the BOE, Canadian ex-Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney. He opined earlier this year that Brexit would bring a recession and soaring interest rates.

Kristjan said...

Coppola is in the same boat

Matt Franko said...

Tom they are probably spoiling for a follow-back....

Tom Hickey said...

Yeah, my thought too. I nixed that.