Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Matt Stoller — How the US Saw Multinationals as a Means to Prevent War

Must-see if you haven't already.
Yves — This Twitterstorm helps explain why US policy has been so keen to promote “free trade” and make the world safe for multinationals.
I would add liberal internationalism, liberal interventionism, and neoconservatism along with neoliberalism (liberalization, deregulation, privatization), neo-imperialism, and neocolonialism, as the basis of liberal globalization.

This is a strategy based on a policy, which is grounded in an ideology including a values system and social, political and economic interests.

It is a mixture of idealism — "bearing the white man's burden" — and realism — there is huge amount of status, power and wealth on the table. The West is here to help — at a cost. That cost is transnational corporatism and the elimination of national sovereignty as the basis of nationalism, and democracy to the degree that it enables "the rule of the rabble." After all, elites know best what is good for all, and that is summarized as "a rising tide lifts all boats."

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