Saturday, June 25, 2016

Alexander Mercouris — The US, the EU and the Spectre of Brexit

With the huge amount of ink and bytes being spilled over Brexit, one has to be selective. Alexander Mercouris is an analyst who is always worth reading.
… the EU, at least as it has become over the last decade, is best understood as a cabal of three governments, primarily those of the US and Germany, with France treated by the Germans (though not by the US) as a sort of junior partner, which make the decisions in secret that are binding on all the rest.
I appreciate that this description of the EU will meet with strong objections in some quarters, especially as by far the most powerful of these governments is that of the US which is not a member of the EU. However what I say is well known by all the relevant insiders. Indeed the facts speak for themselves and are hardly even concealed. On key issues EU policy is nowadays decided in private bilateral discussions between the US and the Germans, often involving the US President and the German Chancellor, with the Germans then telling the other Europeans what they should do.…
The puppet factory.

The Duran
The US, the EU and the Spectre of Brexit

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