Saturday, May 26, 2018

Iramsy Peraza Forte — Ten attempts to destabilize the recently re-elected Venezuelan government

Economic warfare, political isolation, and subversion orchestrated by the neoliberal Empire and its vassals, cronies and minions.

It's hardly just the result of "socialism," the collapse of the oil price, or the economic incompetence of the Bolivarian government. This is an attack.

This is also a reason that the Soviet Union expanded post WWII to create a buffer, engaged in an arms race, and committed a huge portion of its resources to military use. Russia is now being forced to follow that example in order to survive.

Same with Iran and North Korea.

This is not lost on China either, the only country with the size, industrial and technological depth, and tight governance to compete with the US for military superiority. And the race is on.

Ten attempts to destabilize the recently re-elected Venezuelan government
Iramsy Peraza Forte


Kaivey said...

Yes, the West is a con. No democracy here, just rule by the oligarchy. Their only interest is making more money, even though they have billions already, even though a handful is people own half the world's wealth. They took Africa and India and turned them to dustbowls, but that wasn't enough, they always wanted Russia and China too. They have murdered millions upon millions of people and they couldn't care less.

Tom Hickey said...

Now the domestic population is being colonized too

21st-century teenager has no idea of 19th-century workplace awaiting him

Konrad said...

Granma: Through an executive order, Trump prohibited any U.S. citizen, institution or company from purchasing debt or accounts receivable from the Venezuelan executive, including those derived from state-owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA).

In other words, all American firms and American individuals are hereby prohibited from lending money to Venezuela’s government. (However the IMF and World Bank can lend, since their loans are always weaponized.)

Venezuela has numerous other ways to get loans (e.g. from China). Hence, the insane and childish U.S. government has once again hurt Americans far more than the U.S. government hurts the nation sanctioned.

The U.S. government continues to present the world with ultimatums. Either you are with the us (the Empire), or else you are with the “axis of evil” (Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.) When the Empire goes to war, the Empire will lose, since the Empire continually crushes its own people.

Granma:The U.S. government refuses to recognize Venezuela’s popular will.”

This is routine U.S. practice. On 4 Sep 1970, Chile’s Popular Unity coalition of left parties under the leadership of Dr. Salvador Allende won the presidential election. Nixon vowed to “annul” the popular vote. Kissinger agreed, saying, “The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.” On 11 Sep 1973, Army Chief General Augusto Pinochet led a U.S.-backed military coup that killed Allende and Chilean democracy. To this day, Chile remains neoliberal and anti-democratic.

Granma:According to the EU and specifically Spain, the elections in Venezuela revealed “fundamental democratic deficiencies” and “serious irregularities,” despite the fact that more than 150 international observers highlighted the validity and transparency of the results emanating from the polls.

Spain regards all Latin American nations as inferior copies of Spain, just as Saudi Arabia regards all Muslim nations as inferior copies of Saudi Arabia.

For this reason, average people in Latin America hate Spain. And Spain hates average people in Latin America. When the U.S. government wants to impose new sanctions on Venezuela, the most eager participant is always Spain.

I attended a couple of soccer games in Mexico and Nicaragua. The crowd cheered when the home team won, but the crowd went wild with jubilation when the losing team was from Spain.

Whenever Spain loses, anywhere in the world, there is great rejoicing south of the U.S. border. ¡Sí! ¡Ha, ha, ha! ¡La venganza es dulce! ¿Sí putitas?

(YES!!!! Vengeance is sweet, aye bitches?)

I say average Latinos. Meanwhile affluent Latinos south of the border imagine themselves to be Spaniards, i.e. "superior."

Konrad said...

@ TOM HICKEY: That article you linked to describes a UK male teenager who has withdrawn into video games and his smart-phone.

Young male withdrawal is rampant in almost all developed nations. The cause is neoliberalism, downward mobility, and despair. In Japan, for example, young male recluses are exploding in number. They are called hikikomori.

Young male withdrawal is form of homelessness without (yet) actually living under a bridge.

Withdrawn people experience extreme shame and loneliness, especially since society condemns them as worthless losers. Society's selfishness and cruelty is why we have young male shut-ins and adult homeless people in the first place.

When we withdraw for long enough, we become terrified of the world outside. Sometimes we snap, and we perpetrate a mass shooting. As society becomes increasingly cruel and selfish, we see increasing numbers of mass shootings. Therefore no amount of gun control will stop the violence, since gun control will not stop the cruelty and selfishness.

Adult withdrawal (i.e. homelessness) is everywhere. In Buenos Aires (to cite a random example) there are 15,000 homeless people, of which 4,500 are children. There are 307,000 homeless in the UK, 554,000 homeless in the USA, 2.5 million homeless in China, and 5 million homeless in Russia. All these numbers will continue to accelerate.

(This is one reason why I drink.)

Kaivey said...

I was in the former, for a while, anyway. Brought up on a council estate, went to a rubbish school, where trying to avoid being beaten up was part of life.

At 16 I got a skilled job and we had a laugh there. Work was a joy and many guys went down the pub for lunch in the afternoons. Things were relaxed.

Then Thatcher got in and it started to change. After that, the working class Tories started coming out of the woodwork with their vulgar, Ayn Randian views (although no one in Britain had heard of Ayn Rand in those days). The Daily Mirror disappeared and all you could find lying around the place was Rupert Murdoch's The Sun.

When I first started work overtime was banned to give people more jobs, the unions said, and also, we were told that in companies where overtime was done they tended to have a lower basic wage. The guys were enlightened.

But as the years went by the union was reduced to nothing and I ended to doing 20 to sometimes 30 hours overtime a week. And I needed to do it as my mortgage was always too big. In fact, I spent a large part of my life poor with most of my money going out on mortgages - I was working for the bank man.

Then management became "tough management" and all the fun had gone, and work in the end made me ill so I retired early.

Nowadays, though, things are much harder and youngsters won't be able do retire early like I did as the pensions are rubbish now. And housing is far too expensive for a lot of young people so they have to rent.

Konrad said...

@KAIVEY: Yes, it all fell to ruin during the Reagan-Thatcher era. This was also when the US and UK went from having trade surpluses to trade deficits, as local factories closed down in order to exploit cheap labor overseas.

Today’s youth (especially young males) have nothing to look forward to. Therefore many of them withdraw into video games, or to drugs, or prison. An entire generation of males has been castrated politically and financially by the rich and their politician-toadies, while militant feminists and the #MeToo piranhas scream about “male privilege” and “toxic masculinity.”

This mass castration is why so many young males have morphed into “trans” genders. Since they are downwardly mobile, they are denied sex. Therefore young castrated males mutate into “women” themselves. Or else they pick up a gun and return to the high school that traumatized them, where they open fire. (And everybody wonders, "Why does this happen?")

We could cure a lot of this nightmare by making sex work legal. However police departments, militant feminists, and hate-filled preachers would lose some of their power. For some segments of society, sexual frustration is politically useful.

If sex work was legalized, such that men could get action whenever they wanted, feminists would be neutered. Women in general would be neutered, and society would perhaps recover some semblance of sanity. But, as I said, we can’t have that. Sex work is “evil.” It is “human trafficking.”

In the USA, porn is legal, but sex work is not. It is illegal to pay someone for sex unless you film the sex.

GLH said...

When you are talking about young men retreating into video games don't forget about drugs. In fact, I suspect that one of the problems behind the school shootings is the drugs pushed on the students. The media always talk about the guns and never about the drugs. Drugs and violent video games go together.