Friday, May 25, 2018

Zero Hedge Millennials Are Now Considered The "Lost Generation"

Lost economic and financially, that is.
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis published a new report examining the relationship between a person’s birth year, and measures of his or her family’s economic status, including income and wealth. Fed economists determined that substantial wealth declines were visible across the age spectrum around the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) but found that young families suffered the most.
Zero Hedge
Millennials Are Now Considered The "Lost Generation"
Tyler Durden

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Matt Franko said...

But we made tremendous gains in diversity since the GFC... priorities...

Matt Franko said...

And GenZ is shooting up High Schools...

Bob Roddis said...

The miracle of a total fiat funny money society. Assets are being bid up to the stratosphere all to cure the problem that does not exist.