Saturday, May 26, 2018

Susan McFarland — Colombia to join NATO as first Latin American 'global partner'

An announcement by Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos Friday said Colombia joined the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, known as OECD, and starting next week, will become a "global partner" of NATO.
"We will formalize in Brussels next week -- and this is very important -- the entry of Colombia into NATO in the category of global partner, we will be the only country in Latin America with this privilege," the president said in a televised news address....
NATO is becoming synonymous with the Empire.

Colombia to join NATO as first Latin American 'global partner'
Susan McFarland


Konrad said...

Humans have always gone to war for the sake of what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson condemned as “entangling alliances” (i.e. mutual defense treaties).

The U.S. declared war on Japan after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Germany and Italy then joined the war, since Germany, Italy, and Japan had a mutual defense treaty.

Now Colombia has a mutual defense treaty with NATO.

If Colombia attacks itself, while claiming that Venezuela did it, the 29 nations of NATO will be treaty-bound to militarily attack Venezuela.

Such treaties were how World Wars I and II started.

Such treaties will be how World War III starts.

[ Israel doesn’t have to be a member of NATO, since the 29 NATO governments defend Israel unconditionally. ]

Noah Way said...

The U.S. declared war on Japan after the US goaded Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.

There, fixed it for you.

Reference: McCollum Memo.

lastgreek said...

Gerhard Weinberg: "A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II"

Tom Hickey said...

US embargoed oil shipments to Japan, forcing Japan to react or surrender.

This is what the kerfuffle over control of the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca is about now.

Konrad said...

@NOAH WAY: I had written that, but I removed it for the sake of brevity.

Yes, the USA blockaded Japan and did everything possible to goad Japan into doing something that would justify the U.S. going to war.

At first the USA wanted Japan to strike U.S. forces in Manila. Aging U.S. warships and aircraft were placed close together to make them easy targets for bombing. However Japan didn’t take the bait. So the U.S. did the same thing at Pearl Harbor. Old, worn out, and obsolete warships were placed tightly together so they could easily be bombed, while aircraft carriers were sent out to sea, since the U.S. knew that the carriers would be needed for the war. This time the Japanese took the bait, and the game was on. The USA knew that the Japanese forces were coming, and made sure they succeeded.

The plan was to have most of Japan’s forces tied up in China, and most of Germany’s forces tied up fighting the Soviets, while the USA nibbled at them from the opposite front. After three years, Germany and Japan wore worn down enough for the USA to go for the kill.

It’s amazing how the USSR went from being an “evil empire” to a “brave friend,” to an “evil empire again.” The masses blindly obeyed these about-faces, since (then as now) the masses only think what they are told to think.

This has always been the case. Anyone who questions the official lies is a “conspiracy theorist” (and an “anti-Semite”).

Noah Way said...

@Tom - and Iran.

lastgreek said...

"Straits of Malacca"

That word always brings a smile :) You see, in Greek it can either mean gently, softly -- or it can mean ... *snicker* ... wanker. It all depends on whether you stress the word on the penult (wanker) or the ultima (softly).

Now you're probably thinking, "Wanker"? "How do you get 'wanker'?

Easy. To the Greeks, too much wanking makes the brain go soft ;)

Btw, and hence the reference to Weinberg's book -- the Japanese would never have invaded Pearl Harbor without assurances from Germany that they, the Germans, would immediately declare war on the United States. It was the Germans who goaded the Japanese to invade. Wankers!

Joe said...

Well, at least most of Columbia is in the northern hemisphere. So in the broadest, literal sense of the term, it's sorta of in the north Atlantic.. Wait til they add Australia to Nato.

Matt Franko said...

lastgreek said...

Well, at least most of Columbia is in the northern hemisphere...

Just read the acronym backwards:


"Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte"


. Wait til they add Australia to Nato.

No biggie since Australia indirectly connects to the Atlantic Ocean via the Pacific Ocean... and don't get me started with the global circulation pattern that connects ocean surface currents and deep-water currents.


lastgreek said...

Orange Sasquatch spotted in the WH lawn. Photo: