Saturday, May 23, 2020

China: one country, two sessions, three threats — Pepe Escobar

It’s absolutely essential to position the Two Sessions [of the 13th National People’s Congress] within the larger, incandescent geopolitical and geoeconomic context of the de facto new Cold War – hybrid war included – between the US and China....
The great game is still about who controls the Eurasian land mass as the center of the "world island," set forth by British strategist Halford Mackinder, and the "rimland," proposed by Nicholas J. Spykman. These doctrines were the basis of the strategies respectively put forward by Republican Henry Kissinger and Democrat Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The contest pits the great land powers, Russia and China, against the great sea powers, the US and UK,  as traditional enemies. To win this contest, the US and its allies would need to pry Russia and China apart, which is highly unlikely at this point. In order to prevail as undisputed hegemon, the must defeat both Russia and China either separately or together.

While Brzezinski was implacably anti-Russian, Kissinger realized that the US was betting the farm on defeating a Sino-Russian alliance. As result, he convinced Nixon to reach out to Mao. (Secretary of the Treasury John Connally convinced Nixon to shut the gold window for international trade). Trump was acting on Kissinger's advice in his approach to Russia, but the deep state and Democratic Party turned that into Russiagate.

Asia Times
China: one country, two sessions, three threats
Pepe Escobar


Oriental Review
The 13th National People’s Congress of China
Zamir AWAN


Like China doesn't realize this. This is what the "Uyghur concentration camps in Xi'an" and "Hong Kong dissent suppression" propaganda memes are all about. Does China have entirely clean hands in this? Hard to tell what is really going on there, but regardless, the memes are being exploited.

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The US is Trying to Dismember China by Promoting Separatism in Its Regions


Peter Pan said...
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Peter Pan said...

Don't fight a nuclear war.
Is that too much to ask for these belligerent imbeciles?

Geopolitical posturing is not a game worth playing.

Marian Ruccius said...
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Peter Pan said...

For the Chinese government to admit they are running education/training centers for Uyghurs is bad public relations. They should have studied the Canadian residential schools scandal.

Marian Ruccius said...

LA CHINE PIÉGÉE PAR SON HUBRIS! (China is trapped by its hubris)

Peter Pan said...

China has embraced the economic world order. China does what the EU aspires to do.

When that ship goes down, they will go down with it. And so will we.