Monday, May 25, 2020

Wang Shuo — Printing Money Is Not the Solution You Think It Is

The author exhibits zero understanding of actual MMT and criticizes a wildly mistaken stereotype. Not a good sign from China.

Caixin (PRC)
Wang Shuo: Printing Money Is Not the Solution You Think It Is
Wang Shuo | editor-in-chief of Caixin Media and Caixin Weekly

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However, this would count toward Wang Shuo's concern about the surge in central bank "money printing." While the understanding of the facts is wrong, the facts appear to be influencing expectations.

Zero Hedge
JPMorgan: The Surge In Gold Is A Sign Of Eroding Confidence In Central Bank-Generated Money
Tyler Durden


Andrew Anderson said...

Re gold:

Since gold is a private asset form, Central Banks have no business buying it since that violates equal protection under the law via fiat creation NOT for the general welfare.

So if that ethical principle were established in law, we could expect the price of gold to take a major hit.

But who wants ethical finance?

Peter Pan said...

We need to send China better economic textbooks.