Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Germany Aims To Become World’s Hydrogen Hotspot — Vanand Meliksetia

The energy transition can be compared to a marathon instead of a sprint. As the costs of photovoltaic cells and wind turbines have significantly decreased, decarbonizing the economy has become attainable. The wealthier countries of northern Europe are, arguably, some of the most ambitious societies when it comes to the energy transition. Germany, especially, is an important country due to the size of its economy, political influence in Europe, and technological prowess. Hydrogen is an essential part of the strategy to become carbon neutral by 2050....


Peter Pan said...

The Sun is the world's hydrogen hotspot.

Upstart Germans, getting too big for their lederhosen.

Andrew Anderson said...

Yes, genuine technological progress is occurring but is threatened by the obsolete, unjust, Gold Standard banking model the world clings to despite the fact it was a major cause of World War II via the Great Depression.