Saturday, January 30, 2021

BBC - Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg says 'Putin Palace' is his

Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg says he is the owner of an opulent Black Sea mansion, not President Vladimir Putin, as the leaders' critics had alleged.

Mr Rotenberg said the property will be completed "in a couple of years" and is expected to become an apartment hotel.

Earlier this week, the Russian president directly denied that he or his family owned it and described the video about it as "boring".

BBC News

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Ryan Harris said...

Weird how in US right now with WSB, Russia with Palace, Europe with NI, Merkel with Chinese investment, in China with execution of corrupt CCP leaders --- that the primary problem in ALL nations is the unconstrained wealth of a few. Awakening as the few billionaires try to spin a bullshit "Great Reset" to line their pockets with even more wealth and ensure a subservient under class for another 50years.