Thursday, January 28, 2021

Zero Hedge — US Weighing Action Against Russia For Navalny Detention: Secretary Of State Blinken

Pushing the "color revolution."

Either delusion or hybrid warfare, or both? Whatever, it doesn't appear to be normal behavior.
Secretary Blinken asserts, ""It remains striking to me how concerned and maybe even scared the Russian government seems to be of one man, Mr. Navalny." It is striking to others how the US appears to be so afraid of Russia and its leader.

Zero Hedge

US Weighing Action Against Russia For Navalny Detention: Secretary Of State Blinken
Tyler Durden

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The trick for the Biden administration will be to respond with sufficient firmness and cross-Atlantic coordination to puncture Putin’s apparent sense of impunity while leaving space for cooperation with Russia where that makes sense.

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Navalny’s arrest is Biden’s first big test. Here’s how he can pass it.
New Atlanticist by Daniel Fried, Anders Åslund

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Toward a new American China strategy
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Peter Pan said...

This is meddling. Imagine if Russians were concerned about Trump.

lastgreek said...

Tom, is the US government weighing actions against the Jewish religion? I ask this because there is a US lawmaker suggesting that "Jewish laser beams in outer space" were responsible last year for the California wildfires.

Also, Tom, are you aware of any other religion having this "laser beam" technology? Do the Christians have it? If so, would the Pope be in charge of it?

Btw, the US lawmaker who made this claim appears to be a highly respected Republican withing the Republican leadership. I say this because she was just given a very important committee position.

One more question, Tom. Why do you have so many crazies in government?

Tom Hickey said...

Why do you have so many crazies in government?

This is a serious issue in political theory and it strikes at the foundation (assumptions) of liberalism.

Either the selection process is broken, or democratic republicanism is inherently flawed as a system, which would imply that direct democracy is also.

If this were a family member, I would be having a discussion with the family about commitment to the care of the state as paranoid delusional.

Ahmed Fares said...


How other people vote is my business. After all, they make it my business. Electoral decisions are imposed upon all through force, that is, through violence and threats of violence. When it comes to politics, we are not free to walk away from bad decisions. Voters impose externalities upon others.

We would never say to everyone, “Who cares if you know anything about surgery or medicine? The important thing is that you make your cut.” Yet for some reason, we do say, “It doesn’t matter if you know much about politics. The important thing is to vote.” In both cases, incompetent decision-making can hurt innocent people.

Commonsense morality tells us to treat the two cases differently. Commonsense morality is wrong.

…In The Ethics of Voting, I argue that…voters should vote on the basis of sound evidence. They must put in heavy work to make sure their reasons for voting as they do are morally and epistemically justified. In general, they must vote for the common good rather than for narrow self-interest. Citizens who are unwilling or unable to put in the hard work of becoming good voters should not vote at all. They should stay home on election day rather than pollute the polls with their bad votes.

—Jason Brennan

source: The Negative Externality of Voting

The link in the above article to Jason's page does not work. I found a source here:

The Ethics of Voting

Peter Pan said...

Muslims should not vote. They are too passionate.