Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Childhood Disadvantage Affects Brain Connectivity

Our type of capitalist system makes this problem worse, and it's expensive too, as many people who fall to the bottom compensate by turning to crime, drink, and drugs, and become unproductive. Extra police, prisons, remand Centers, social workers, are all needed too. Mental illness, depression, and anxiety means many days off work. 

In a new study, researchers have examined how “neighborhood disadvantage” can affect the developing brain, including the brain’s connectivity between regions.

Functional connectivity was reduced within and between several brain networks in children raised in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Researchers say a positive home and school environment can mitigate some of the effects.

Many socioeconomically disadvantaged children face poor cognitive and mental health outcomes, and researchers are working to determine the specific factors that link childhood conditions to those poor outcomes, including how they might shape brain circuitry.

Childhood Disadvantage Affects Brain Connectivity

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