Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Science Shows that Jews and Palestinians are Siblings!

Does Palestine belong to the Palestinians?

The genetic data is totally consistent with the idea that Palestinians are direct descendants of ancient Jews who never left ancestral lands and later converted to Christianity and Islam. 

Science Shows that Jews and Palestinians are Siblings!


lastgreek said...

Here's an interesting fact :)

The Greeks have a longer presence in Palestine (all the way back to Alexander's Greeks) than any other nation. In other words, any nation other than the Greeks in the region is a "Johnny-come-lately."

lastgreek said...

If I may qualify the above interesting fact :)

"The Greeks have a longer continuous presence in Palestine..."


Peter Pan said...

Semitic peoples unite!

Marian Ruccius said...

Kaivey, I like the story, but you might wanna thinks about posting stuff put out by the Raeliens -- i mean there is Clonaid and all:

lastgreek said...

Raeliens? That’s a sex cult.

If you’re going to join a cult, and you’re male, that’s the kind to join. Hardly any downside :)

Ahmed Fares said...

Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D., spokesperson for the International Raelian Movement

It appears she lost her faith in God when she was a young girl. Then she learned a lot of science and realized that there had to be a higher intelligence responsible for what she was learning.


Someday someone will ask her who created aliens, and then she'll have a spiritual crisis.

Ahmed Fares said...


Greeks know how to take land, they just don't know how to hold land, and that's really the most important part of the taking, the holding.

(I was riffing off of this Seinfeld episode - 40 second video)

Seinfeld - Car Reservation

Kaivey said...

That might make an interesting tweet. Thanks!

Peter Pan said...

I'm from Quebec; the Raelians are an import from France.

Years ago there a was a suspicious huge house fire, and a bunch of them went to their version of the promised land. These people have money.

lastgreek said...

"the Raelians are an import from France."

Well that then explains the sex.

Peter Pan said...

I wonder if the French dude who invented Raelism made the whole thing up because he couldn't get laid. Wouldn't be the first time.

lastgreek said...

Like the Marylin Manson guy.