Monday, May 24, 2021

What Eating Just 1 Mushroom A Day Does To Cancer Risk!

 In this video we're going to look at the extraordinary power of mushrooms. A new study has shown the power of eating mushrooms even in crazily low amounts! We're also going to look at an unique compound found in mushrooms!  Here's why we should consume mushrooms everyday...


lastgreek said...

I'll just quickly add the following:

eat in moderation -- not too little, not too much,

on a daily basis eat your fruits and vegetables, and take it easy on the refined grains and processsed meats,

try not to eat too late in the day

avoid the hype of this is a super food or that is a miracle food,

and when you read or hear that this food or thing will detoxify your body, be assured that you're dealing with a chiropractor or some other fake

also, everyone is different, or better yet, every stomach is different; I hate brussel sprouts; avocado makes me want to throw up,

be active -- and, no, you don't have to scale mountains,

if you're lucky, you don't live in "Flint, Michigan" and you inherited "good" genes

Have I mentioned that red cabbage juice grows back limbs? Gootta be true, saw it on youtube, so...

lastgreek said...


Unfortunately there is nn mention of ressurecting the dead :(

Peter Pan said...

Certified nursing assistant returns to work

Those lonely old people... should have eaten more mushrooms.