Thursday, October 21, 2021

Channel 4 News - Climate change deniers host conference in Sin City

 Climate change deniers are pushing 'Climate Lockdown' conspiracy theories - a term they invented. 

They know the lockdowns have been unpopular, so they are tagging their conspiracy theories onto them, hoping people will reject proposals to combat climate change. 

I've noticed some people on the populist left talking about climate lockdowns too. 

Today US Vice-President Kamala Harris is travelling to Lake Mead in Nevada to talk up the President’s climate agenda. It’s the biggest reservoir in the US, but it’s drying up because of the twin effects of the heat and the drought, both of which are exacerbated by climate change.

Channel 4 News - Climate change deniers host conference in Sin City

Below is a look inside the climate change denial industry. 

Why Climate Change Denial Still Exists In The U.S.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, some American politicians continue to deny that climate change exists, while others question the severity of its impact. But public opinion is shifting, and today even oil and gas companies publicly admit that climate change demands action. So why does climate denialism continue to influence U.S. politics? Here's a look into who is funding the movement, and why denial is mainly a U.S. problem.

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Peter Pan said...

Climate change denial is moot. There has been scientific consensus for decades, yet action has not taken place. This is by design:
David Wasdell On the IPCC & Scientific Voice