Thursday, October 21, 2021

Joel Baden: The Bible Doesn't Say What You Think it Does

 There are two different creation stories in the Bible, and they are quite different to each other. Joel Baden believes that the people that put the Bible together deliberately wanted it to be ambiguous, so that meaning could be a matter of interpretation. I've come across the term in the past, The Living Bible, which means it can be reinterpreted for the modern age. Which does not mean altered, it means that as the world changes and our understanding of it changes too, the Bible can still be pertinent and meaningful for many people. 

Joel Baden (Professor of Hebrew Bible Yale University) spoke at the 2013 Nantucket Project. 

Nearly 80 percent of all Americans think the Bible is either literally true or is the inspired word of God. And yet, most Americans have no idea what is actually in the Bible. So we have the paradoxical situation in which we as a culture "have invested the words of this book with amazing authority even when we don't know what these words are and what they mean."


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