Saturday, October 22, 2022

Europe is Being Subjugated to US Power — Wolfgang Streeck

The economic crisis in Britian, the war in Ukraine, and the disorder in the Eurozone are all intimately connected. Chris Bambery spoke to Wolfgang Streeck, an economic sociologist at the University of Cologne and a leading commentator on European capitalism, about the crisis in the EU and the implications for Scotland....
Europe is Being Subjugated to US Power
Wolfgang Streeck, emeritus director at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne


Konrad said...

“Europe is being subjugated to US power.”

Correction: European politicians are subjugating their citizenry to US power.

Q. Why are they committing suicide?

A.European politicians are just like woke Democrats in the USA. They want to stay in office no matter what the cost to their nations. To stay in power they must support the mob that collectively portrays Russia as a “global threat.” They must denounce national leaders as “autocrats” if they serve their peoples before they serve the mob (e.g. Viktor Orbán of Hungary). They must support fake “populists” like Giorgia Meloni of Italy who pretends to support “faith, family, and freedom,” but in fact supports the mob and its circus in Ukraine.

Average Europeans will starve and freeze until they defy their politicians, and seek what’s best for themselves, and not for politicians, or the mob.

They will suffer until they overthrow the Empire of Wokeness.

Peter Pan said...

Such power that words suffice to rule a continent.