Thursday, October 27, 2022

Slouching Towards Reverse Colonialism — Yves Smith

Dissection of contemporary US-led neo-imperialism and neocolonialism as tools of neoliberalism as the basis for continued Western dominance in an era in which decolonization goes by the name "multipolarity."

Naked Capitalism
Slouching Towards Reverse Colonialism
Yves Smith

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Originally published at God’s Spies


Peter Pan said...

More sour grapes from self-loathing westerners. 'Might makes right' will always be in the international relations playbook. Those were the rules during the rise of the European and American empires, and shall remain so during their decline. Say hello to karma.

The real colonialist victim is mother Earth.

The Age of Autarky can't arrive soon enough.

Tom Hickey said...

WhEn I was serving during the Vietnam Conflict (officially it was not a "war") I was initially on board with the narrative of bringing the people of Vietnam freedom and democracy and liberating them from the looming threat of Communism. Over time, I became convinced that if the US really wanted to liberate the Vietnamese people, it would be baking the National Liberation Front (Viet Cong). Ho Chi Minh had approached the US on this before the conflict.

I came to realize that the narrative was simply a veneer covering a traditional imperial war of conquest that sought to own all of Southeast Asia, Cambodia and Laos included with Vietnam and indeed the conflict expanding in that direction. The US was not supporting the Vietnamese people but rather a puppet regime of a traditional ownership class and compradores (agents) of the empire.

No one engages a war that is not in their interest. Cui bono?

Peter Pan said...

Vietnam eventually proved they are no one's colony.

The US was propping up the ruling class of a former French colony. Clinging to the past is a blunder.