Monday, October 24, 2022

Misreading Xi and the rise of Li — Uwe Parpart

How Western analysts and leaders confuse their projections, here about China, with reality, hnece, fail to grasp what is actually happening. This violates Sun Tzu's first precept: know yourself and know your adversary. (Art of War, 3:18)

Uwe Parpart that Xi is not resurrecting Mao and moving away from Deng, in fact, just the opposite.
Ideologically blinded Western analysts and officials consistently miss the point. China’s state is the least ideological, most ruthlessly pragmatic entity in the world. To the extent its leaders succeed, they do so by achieving prosperity and security by whatever means necessary to meet their objectives.... 
Asia Times
Misreading Xi and the rise of Li
Uwe Parpart

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Peter Pan said...

A return to Maoism would be an effective method for China to destroy itself.

Alas, that is not to be.

And Li isn't too keen on Zero Covid, which is a stupid self-sabotaging policy, so no hope for the west there either.