Saturday, June 2, 2012

FDR — Private Power versus Democracy


Bob Roddis said...

Seeing that FDR was the epitome of the corporate elite attaching itself to the levers of power, that quote is quite chilling.

But you guys probably didn't mean it like that.

Tom Hickey said...

Keynes pretty much admitted that his political goal as a conservative was saving capitalism at a time socialism was rife and the conditions existed for capitalism to fail. It worked, and that system was it place pretty much until the fall of the Berlin Wall, when capital figured it was safe again to assert itself decisively over labor.

Neoliberalism was already in place to do this through the efforts of Thatcher and Reagan. Now the world is entering the Second Great Depression, and the political outcome is uncertain for a variety of reasons. But one thing seem certain, the game is changing.

Septeus7 said...

Bob, you are a clearly a racist imbecile. I would ask you to read "Traitor to his Class" and "The Plots Against the President" and so many others actual histories that document Wall Street's war against FDR but I sincerely doubt you are literate. Everyone I mention the actual histories for the benefit of everyone else.

The American Fascist movement funded by Wall St. become the "libertarian" movement and this is well documented.

Bob probably thinks Lincoln was a dictator based on the historical revisionist nonsense from the Neoconfederate racist DiLorenzo and wonder how longer before Bob starts posting that revisionist crap here.

Libertarian= reactionary racist neoconfederate. See Ron Paul's letters. See Lew Rockwell, etc... Don't believe me. Watch what happens in Louisiana (

It's time to put the foot down. Stop treating these racist so-called "Libertarian" neoconfederates with any respect. It's time to call this "free market" guise for resegregationist dixiecrats for what they are. Bob is one of them and so is everything from the Klan connected Mises Institute in Alabama. It's time to add them the official hate sites along with Storm Front.

The promotion of racism under the guise of economic "liberty" shouldn't be tolerated by this blog or any other respectable economics blog. These are not issues up for debate in polite company.