Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tom Crowl — Issues in Scaling Civilization: The Monsters-from-the-Id Dilemma

This is an article about another biological dilemma relating to our nature as a social species. These dilemmas are distinct from problems like energy, food shortages, wars, etc. and these dilemmas would almost certainly confront any intelligent species anywhere in the universe. They stand separate from whatever myriad of more local problems may confront them. And while individual variability is great... I'm referring here to effects on groups and their decisions... and especially nested groups within hierarchical frameworks.

And it may be that in assessing our ability to manage these dilemmas that we can better address our problems.

A problem can be solved. But a dilemma can only be managed.
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Issues in Scaling Civilization: The Monsters-from-the-Id Dilemma
 by Tom Crowl


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BTW, Occupy understands this. This is David Graeber's field, for example.

What is particularly concerning though is that this analysis suggests that "democracy" may be merely part of the deception.

Mario Savio "The Machine Speech" on The Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964 (28 seconds)

The full speech (7:42 min)