Thursday, June 14, 2012

US Treasury Issues 30-Year Securities at All Time Low (Yield)

Looks like the US Treasury has issued 30-year securities at an all-time low yield of 2.618% earlier today.

Auction results here at the Treasury site.


Mike Norman said...

Where are all the idiots like Cramer saying, "The government should 'lock in' the rate."

"I keep telling Geithner, he should sell 100 year bonds to take advantage of cheap financing."


Bob said...

100 year bonds, WHAT R U NUTS
Timmah was mentioning 50 YR mortgages awhile back, dont you get it , we are getting ripped off by Helicopter Ben, timmah, Dimon, Paulson, Summers, the list goes on and on, the illuminati. These mafioso bunch (the black hand), are not happy with destroying the economy with there low interest rates which hurt the productive people (savers) which the banks prey on, and overleverage up and when it goes south the socialize the losses, Tax the hell out of the money shuffling , hedging profits that are gained not by real economic production, or ingenuity but by a monopolistic parasitic blood sucking the economic life blood away from true prosperity. There are plenty of assets in this country to support the money printing , as Mike says, but I say these assets are being stolen and squandered by the parasitic money asset shuffling Rommy's, Koch brother bootlicking Walker (who will face indictment soon on stealing money when he was county superviser), and the rest of the monopolistic crowd that co-ops our governemt and makes a killing destroying jobs, and the environment. Tax the hell out of non productive money shuffling profits at 99%, budget problems and chronism would be stopped for awhile until another 100 ammendments are passe to the Federal Reserve Act in addition to the 100 already in place.. DO NOT TAX the CEO's of companies that actually produce something that increases the positions of the economic plight of the sheeple. Tax the profits made on pure money shuffling and hedging positions at 99% and let the parasites still keep plenty. IMO we need to stop the debt slavery system.

Matt Franko said...


"DO NOT TAX the CEO's of companies that actually produce something that increases the positions of the economic plight of the sheeple."

But Bob, a lot of these CEOs run companies that make things that overall, increases productivity which ends up throwing people out of their jobs... so this is a very complicated issue.

The whole approach to employment and output has to be re-looked at (robotics is right around the corner and many will get thrown out of their jobs because of that). This is where the JG has to come in imo. We need a complete system re-set.

One thing I see is that people could be set up to retire at a much earlier age as a start.

It's complicated, but that is what we (are supposed to) have economists for....


Tom Hickey said...

Bob, "DO NOT TAX the CEO's of companies that actually produce something that increases the positions of the economic plight of the sheeple."

I agree with this in principle, but there is something called economic rent involved, too. The fundamental principle of designing a tax policy (according to Warren) is to tax behavior you want to reduce and not tax behavior you want to increase. So legitimate compensation for productive contribution should not be taxed on this principle, but anything over that, which by definition constitutes economic rent, often extracted by position or privilege, should be taxed away. This is Michael Hudson's position, and he is way left of Warren.

Bob said...

This blog is the cutting edge of new ideas and approaches in my opinion and that is why I crave Mike Normans views. I want to hear of a new approach a revamp of how the money investors should value a good company investment versus a bad company investment. Total growth at any cost doesn't work anymore, too many people and not enough assets for the world,not enough water, fuel, land, healthy environments. I say let capitolism flourish but the time has come to change the way money chases a perceived good deal. The system of monopolists is history. The upcoming American COLLEGE EDUCATED have been sold an american dream, and as Carlin said you have to be asleep to believe it.

Chris Martenson has the right idea,
My starting point as an outsider looking in to the money trust is the 1% have let us down, and they will destroy themselves by destroying the demand side of them selling their wares. No demand no prosperity, The Fed in it's present system is to monopolistic and parasitic on the life blood of this great nation. Before they could get on line in 1913 inovatiion was rampant and money was moving away from the money trust, and the money trust did not like it. Now the creature has turned into Godzilla and will start eating it's young (as Mike as said in the past.) The system will reset inspite of the Fed. 80% of the status quo rich will be penniless after the reset,
My water bill in Houston Texas area last summer was higher than my electric bill. Scarcity is upon the world when the critical mass of population is reached, the system will reset. I have a 50,trillion dollar Zimbawe bill on my wall. I hope we dont have that happen here.
The economic rent is what I call asset shuffling and perpetual interest that is taken by the Central Banking system with no risk, this is parasitic and started exponentially at a slow pace choking off the lifeblood, and now the Creature has his foot on our throats and is finishing the job. I challenge you economists to fix this shit.

Bob said...

I say the system of the monopolist is history based on what I saw at the Senate hearings about Jamie Dimons shit show loss of at least
2 billion.

The senators all lined up one by one to lick Jamie Dimons boots, and the JPM stock went up. When the reality of the situation of the sheeple is completely discounted by the status quo the end is near. How far awaym, certaintly not the Mayan calendar bullshit prediction. When all the planets line up there should be some powerfull gravitational effects, earthquakes and floods, etc. But just as the Y2k pump and dump action, I discount this event to be the start. However when our leaders act like they are sitting in the 3rd class steerage on the Titanic with the exit gates locked and they are all having drinks, laughing and accepting the Captains appology as to their demise before it happens, this is a contrarian indicator to me.

Tom Hickey said...

Bob, as one of my teachers used to say. "It's always darkest before the dawn." People around the world are already rising up angry, and I take that be be evidence of first light, which heralds the dawn. A new wave is rising from the deep as neoliberalism has run its course and lost trust. Strauss & Howe (The Fourth Turning) and Ravi Batra (The Next Golden Age) sketched the outlines, and things seem right on track. So keep on attacking those myths, and overcome ignorance with knowledge.

Matt Franko said...


"My water bill in Houston Texas area last summer was higher than my electric bill."

Look into it and I bet you find that you are not paying more for water, but rather for the salaries and retirement benefits of the people who work/have worked for the water authority.

This is how the morons set up the compensation system for the govt workers at the state and local levels who have been given the coercive authority to tax, but not the authority to issue their own state currency...