Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Very Nasty Capitalism - Yes, Big Brother Is Already With Us: How The System Is Stacked Against Us.

This is superb video about predatory capitalism and how the system is stacked against us.

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine


Without the exploitation and enslavement of the Third World Western capitalism would fall apart. And yet millions of people believe in the myth and vote Conservative despite the fact that most of their hard work will get siphoned off by higher classes.

This brutal capitalist system freaks some parents out so much that they start cramming boring and relentless information into their children even when they two years old in the hope they will become top performers and be able to outsmart others. It's then the treadmill of harder and harder work as capitalism sets worker against worker extracting more and more profit out of them. And when some fail, as they must, they are made to feel that it is their fault and not the fault of the society they live in.  

When school kids leave school and fail to get the jobs they applied for they will usually blame themselves even though thousands might have applied for the same job. This is how our western system cons them so they won’t try to blame the system, which is a set up, a fakery, and a visage to camouflage the fact that the ruling elite have already taken all the best jobs and got all the best positions.

At the beginning of the last century the ruling class feared democracy because they thought the lower classes would tax them too much and question how they got to own to own most of the land. So they got together and schemed about how they could control the masses and rule them the way they have always done. One way was to invent the 'meritocracy' and 'competitive capitalism' so that workers would have to compete with each other which would keep their wages ultra low and keep them working as serfs.

In a similar way, when the slave trade was ended some savvy slave owners saw an advantage to this because they realised that they would not have to house, feed, or pay medical bills for their slaves anymore. And with the millions of newly freed slaves all competing for work, this kept their wages ultra low and so that in effect the slave owners got their slaves back, but without all the hassle of looking after them.

And the mega wealthy spread their risks and invest in different competing companies and as one wins they will shift their shares around to the winning companies all in a jiffy. But the workers in the losing companies can't change jobs so easily and so get forced to work much harder to compete otherwise they might get made redundant and then even lose their homes. This is terrifying to most people and as good jobs are hard to come by they will work harder to keep the ones they have got. Then many will end up getting into their offices earlier and staying later in the evening, or taking extra work home, and workers on the shop floor will accept lower wages rises, or even wage cuts and ever worsening conditions and hours.

The capitalist terror machine keeps us running around like blue-arsed flies too petrified to lose our jobs, and our school kids get regimented and pounded every day so they will become compliant workers, or soldiers, when they leave school. While every child gets continuously graded and this grading system is designed to destroy the confidence of most of the children so that when they grow up they will blame themselves for not getting a bigger cut of the pie even though the system was heavily stacked against them. In this way, the ruling class can keep their power without anyone questioning the system by making the lower classes feel that they didn’t deserve to get any better.

And because of the schooling system middle class and working class people often feel overwhelmed and nervous when they get promoted but the mega rich are brought up to be leaders and to have supreme confidence which means that they usually find promotion effortless and the best jobs falling into their laps. Below is an interesting article about this:

Yes, rich kids already won the career game. Here’s why.


Middle-class kids generally fuck up their first few years of the career game in one of two ways. Either they fear authority tremendously, which is crippling from a career perspective and renders them devoid of creative energy, or they show an open distaste for managerial authority, described by the wealthy as having a proletarian “chip” on one’s shoulder, and fail to advance on account of the dislike they thus inspire. Even when they are cognitively aware of how to manage authority, the stakes of the career game for a middle-class striver, who will fall into humiliation and possibly poverty if he fails it, are so severe that only the well-trained and steel-nerved few can prevent these calamitously high risks from, at least to some degree, disrupting their game.

The rich kid, on the other hand, relates even to the highest-ranking executives as equals, because he knows that they are his social equals. He’ll answer to them, but with an understanding that his subordination is limited and offered in exchange for mentoring and protection. He views them as partners and colleagues, not judges or potential adversaries. Perhaps this is counterintuitive, but most of his bosses like this. (Most bosses aren’t assholes and don’t like to be feared, at all. In fact, they’d be happy to forget that they are bosses.) His career advances fast. He’s “up and coming”. This occurs even if no one has any idea that he’s from a wealthy background.

The rich kid, fearless on account of not needing to keep his job, can effortlessly walk the middle path. He’s neither a cowering weakling who crumbles at the sight of authority, nor an obnoxious brat whose sense of entitlement and dislike for managerial authority limit his progress prematurely. He respects others and himself and has an uncanny air of effortless “coolness” (by which I mean freedom from anxiety) that enables him to actually get things done. It becomes common knowledge that he’s “up-and-coming”, a rising star in his company. Even if his performance is smack-average or somewhat below, his effortless rise will not be deterred. It is assumed. With that advantage, he can concentrate on actually getting work done, yet another uncommon advantage.

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