Sunday, January 31, 2016

Frances Coppola — Japan's negative rates: the China connection

There's more to Japan's negative interest rate policy than meets the eye.

The race to the bottom is on.

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Japan's negative rates: the China connection
Frances Coppola

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Unknown said...

China has 6.9% GDP growth, so this is more of a connection (the same reeking smell of desperation) to the Eurozone and the US, also suffering from weak growth due to a lack of fiscal policy-making (that has resulted in 'austerity' & 'sequestration' policy-making). This is just another garden-variety tax increase, on financial institutions (to 'punish them for not lending'). Later this year the gov’t plans to also increase the Consumption tax, or national sales tax, on everyone else to 10%, to front-load demand (to punish those with a 'deflationary mindset' for not buying).

It’s like completely incompetent people are running the gov’t...Hmmm, why does that sound familiar (?)