Saturday, January 23, 2016

US and Turkey Invade Syria

Here we go again.

US Troops Take Over Syria Airbase
Jason Ditz

Russia Insider
Turkish Forces Enter Syria — How Will Russia Respond?
Rudy Panko


Bob said...

Being a tad dramatic, are we?

Tom Hickey said...

I don't think so. The US ad Turkey violated Syria's border with out permission and stationed hostile troops on its soil.

Except in the minds of the brainwashed, this is a dramatic development.

Tom Hickey said...

Let's see now. Russia "invaded" Ukraine although it did not send its troops across the border. (The Russian force in Crimea was there by prior arrangement a base leased from Ukraine.)

The US and Turkey, which have declared the intention to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, have cross a national border with regular troops and equipment and set up bases there, and it is not an invasion.


Bob said...

When they roll into Damascus then it will be an invasion. Same goes for Russian tanks rolling into Kiev.

Dan Lynch said...

Rumor has it that Russia might retaliate by building a base not far from the U.S. base.

One official called the development "very curious."

Who could have guessed that Putin would respond to American aggression?

Dan Lynch said...

Also, if the rumors are to be believed, Russia's jamming equipment can neutralize the American base any time it sees fit.

Matt Franko said...

Trump would convert it into a combined base...

Bob said...

This is still a proxy war.